Proactive, Reactive, Continuous IT Support

Before Vision Computer Services, our business used consumer-grade IT equipment, no network security, an inability to work remotely and a lack of backup.

Vision came in initially and set up a new computer system with true server and commercial equipment. This was after hours and did not disrupt our normal business. Vision set up a secure system with continuity and backup capability for 24/7 protection.

Since being a VCS client, we moved from break/fix to managed services where proactive, reactive, and continuous IT support is provided.

We experience excellent response time from Vision to questions or issues that come up. Because of their ability to remote into our systems, our problems are handled extremely quickly and to our satisfaction. We are extremely satisfied with their service and how quickly they respond to our needs.

Rex Murrell CEO
Petroleum Equipment Co
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The improvements since hiring Vision Computer Services have been dramatic! 

For a small company whose business depends on internet, we struggled with slow internet speed. When we would call our internet provider, they assured us that we were getting the speed we purchased. The most significant improvement to date is when Vision Computer Services troubleshot our network and corrected the problems that were causing our slow internet speeds. Vision worked with our internet provider and fixed the issues caused by our infrastructure.

The improvements we have seen with regards to our internet since hiring Vision Computer Services have been dramatic!  Our service technicians would frequently get kicked off the internet due to slow connection speeds. Now, our technicians can work efficiently and complete jobs without having to repeatedly log back into the system.  This has improved our production.

GM came out with stringent security and IT requirements for its dealers. Vision was able to evaluate our system and make changes which allowed us to meet all of GM's requirements. This was crucial for our company to be able to meet the deadline GM has issued for compliance.

Our dealership deals with a lot of IT vendors and is a necessary part of our business. We were having difficulty dealing with vendors because the lack of tech knowledge and simply because it is time consuming. We did not have a full-time tech support staff to deal with issues that arise.  Vision was able to address those concerns and deal with vendors, to mitigate issues we were having in an efficient and timely manner.

The most value received from Vision Computer Services is having a support team that is available to address internal and 3rd party issues. It would normally take time away from our work to deal with those issues.  We call Vision and they take control of whatever concerns or issues we have and correct them.

I recommend Vision Computer Services. They have always been prompt to address our concerns and resolve any issues that arise.

Gary Ware CEO
Ware Chevrolet Buick
Wheeler, TX

Complete replacement of our IT infrastructure and equipment with zero downtime!

Our ISP referred Vision Computer Services to us for assistance in connecting separate buildings to a common network.  Midwest has grown over the past 20 months in number of employees and size of our facility.  As we have grown our technology needs changed.  As we were growing, we were ‘piecing’ together our technology.  ISP suggested we contact Vision to form a comprehensive consistent, plan, secure plan for our IT.

Vision Computer Services offered a free network & IT assessment.   We knew that our technology was outdated, not secure, and slow.  The results just confirmed what we already knew.  Our server was just one aspect of our technology that was old, not configured correctly, and lacked security.  The urgency has been building over the past 20 months.

Unfortunately, we experienced a security event before becoming a Vision Computer Services managed client.  Having a security event is stressful, more stressful when the security event is related to your payroll. This could have been devasting to our business.

Vision Computer Services began the complete replacement of all our IT infrastructure and equipment on Friday evening after we closed for the weekend.   On Monday morning when we showed up for work, all the new equipment was in place and business resumed as normal.   Vision being able to replace our equipment over the weekend gave our business zero down time which was extremely important to us.  Any downtime with our computer system is money and employee time and productivity lost.

Vision Computer Services has a person onsite first thing every morning for a week when onboarding a new client.   Having this person at Midwest every morning for the first week was very comforting for us.  Everyone gets nervous around technology and change, combine those two things and the anxiety goes through the roof! Having Vision on site relieved that anxiety.

Would we recommend Vision Computer Services to other growing companies?  Yes!  Vision made our ‘technology overhaul’ very smooth.  They have helped our confidence with the security of our information and brought our technology up to date.  They gave us reasonable ideas on how to improve our technology on a quick timeline.  The installation was efficient, didn’t interrupt our workday, and we were supported daily after the installation.

Christina Abshire CEO
Midwest Compressor Systems
Pampa, Tx

Proactive, Responsive, and Continuous Support. Vision Computer Services is a Game Changer!

Our previous IT was very unresponsive.  Vision Computer Services is a game changer, our last IT person was hit, and miss didn’t always know what to do and would spend all day trying to figure it out.  We’ve never had that problem with VCS.  They are super knowledgeable and quick at resolving issues, They’re amazing!!!

Our business used to be on a break-fix model initially with Vision Computer Services and only called when something broke.   Since being a VCS client, we moved to a managed services model where proactive, reactive, and continuous IT support is provided.  The result has been faster service because if VCS was busy with managed clients we would have to wait, now we are prioritized over the break fix model. Best thing we ever did.

Being in a different city than Vision Computer Services offices, support (both remote and onsite) was our main concern.  We are very satisfied with the remote services.   I know if we require onsite help VCS is very prompt to meet our needs.

What has been our experience since partnering with Vision Computer Services?  Beyond what we could have imagined, they are so quick and accurate every time.

When asked if we would recommend Vision Computer Services to other businesses/organizations the answer is simple.   Absolutely!  At first, I thought it was a little expensive, but it is well worth the money.  The time you save due to their expertise makes all the difference.

Elia Smith CEO
Care Net Pregnancy Center
Borger, TX

No More Downtime!  Their services are worth every cent!

Before Vision Computer Services became our IT, we were unsatisfied with our system. We had outdated equipment and overall, it was a mess. Vision provided VoIP for us which has made it super easy to answer and make calls wherever we are at which has improved our productivity at the country club.

Our business has improved in many ways. The biggest improvement we have experienced is no more down time. The new enterprise grade computers Vision provided are a life changer. Before we would have to wait 10 or more minutes just for QuickBooks to open. Now we have reliable equipment that runs fast and can do everything we need on a day-to-day basis without issues.

Vision is very easy to get ahold of no matter when we call, which is usually in the evening. Our experience with Vision computer services has been great. Our Point-of-Sale system is more reliable, and issues are resolved quickly.

If someone asked me if I recommended Vision Computer Services I would say absolutely. The value of their services is worth every cent.

Anthony Chaney President
Pampa Country Club
Pampa, Texas